Worship at Home

Why worship at home? The truth is, there are 168 hours in a week, and approximately 165 of those hours are spent outside of the church walls. Our hearts need more than 3 hours of worship a week. Pleasant Grove wants to equip you to be worshipers in the 165. Thus, we have created a worship guide to provide direction as you worship at home.


We encourage you to set aside a few minutes to sing, read Scripture, and pray with your family.  

Worship Guide #5

Sing: Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb

Read: Acts 2:22-24

Discuss: Peter spoke these words to the crowd at Pentecost. He reminded those gathered who Jesus was and his purpose in coming to earth. Let’s look closer at Peter’s speech. First, Peter claims that Jesus, being sent from the Father, performed many works while on earth. Those signs and wonders affirmed that Jesus was the Son of God. Second, Peter acknowledges the Father’s plan to send a Redeemer; one who was destined to die on the cross. Third, Peter declares that not even death can thwart the power of God.

Big Idea: God alone does mighty works. God alone can redeem us from our sins. God alone is all-powerful.

Pray: Praise God for his wonderful plan of redemption – that through Christ’s death we might experience life. 

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