Worship at Home

Why worship at home? The truth is, there are 168 hours in a week, and approximately 165 of those hours are spent outside of the church walls. Our hearts need more than 3 hours of worship a week. Pleasant Grove wants to equip you to be worshipers in the 165. Thus, we have created a worship guide to provide direction as you worship at home.


We encourage you to set aside a few minutes to sing, read Scripture, and pray with your family.  

Worship Guide #13

Sing: Children of God

Read: 1 Peter 2:9-12

Discuss: When someone becomes a Christian, they receive a new identity in Christ and become citizens of heaven. Take a moment to discuss the four ways Peter describes the Christian identity.

1)    Chosen. God has chosen to call people to repentance. His calling is based solely on his good plan; not human merit.

2)    Holy. Christians have been set apart, and sanctified to be more Christ-like.

3)    A royal Priesthood. Christians can communicate directly with God, and also serve others as God’s representative.

4)    People of God. We who were living alone in the darkness of our sin have been called to live as people of God in the light of Christ’s forgiveness. As people of God, we are to model godly behavior that others might see and glorify God.

Big Idea: Christians have been redeemed for the purpose of being God’s witnesses to the world.   

Pray: Pray that God might empower you to be a living witness of his love and grace.

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