Worship at Home

Why worship at home? The truth is, there are 168 hours in a week, and approximately 165 of those hours are spent outside of the church walls. Our hearts need more than 3 hours of worship a week. Pleasant Grove wants to equip you to be worshipers in the 165. Thus, we have created a worship guide to provide direction as you worship at home.


We encourage you to set aside a few minutes to sing, read Scripture, and pray with your family.  

Worship Guide #14

Sing: Found

Read: Titus 3:1-7

Discuss: Paul is instructing Titus to remind the Christians in his congregation how to live godly and obedient lives. Paul’s teaching is still so applicable for us today. The Christian should not be characterized as one with hateful speech or quarreling words. Rather Christians should respect others and be peacemakers.

Paul continues by reminding them that God, in his love and kindness, extended mercy to them by saving them from their former disobedience. Had it not been for the work of God, they too would be people of malice, envy, and hate. God has not only forgiven the sinner, he has washed away the impurity of sin and made him/her new.

Big Idea: We are saved because the Savior's love and mercy, and we receive the gift of faith through the Spirit's work of regeneration and renewal.

Pray: Thank God that he rescues and cleanses us from sin, and then helps us walk in new life as Christ followers.

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